Accelerating the evolution towards
a decentralised economy.

A new approach to mining Bitcoin. Empowering the infrastructure of the Bitcoin network, whilst fostering further development of renewable energy sources. We believe in a sustainable and global decentralised financial economy of tomorrow. With Bitcoin, this can only be achieved through operational efficiency, investments in technology and a carbon-neutral & sustainable hash rate.

  • + 30,000
    specialised computers*
  • + 3,000 PH/s
    computing capacity*
  • + 2.2m BTC
    left to mine


A new approach to mining Bitcoin. Empowering the infrastructure of the Bitcoin network, whilst fostering further development of renewable energy sources.

  • Bitcoin. The race is on.
    Challenge accepted.

    There are 2.2 million Bitcoin left to mine. This is a clear challenge. Investments in computational power are continuously needed to add new Bitcoin to the total supply and secure the overall network.

    New concepts are essential to ensure a sustainable, continous operation of the infrastructure of the Bitcoin network, whilst achieving high mining profitability levels.

    bitfield takes on this challenge and strives to lead the creation of new Bitcoin powered by sustainable energy and proprietary technology.
  • Raised performance that lowers costs.
    A sustainable multi-site approach.

    bitfield is deploying its mining power through a diversified network of sites in North America and Europe, ensuring every individual site consumes sustainable and low-cost energy. This combination enables bitfield to meet its long-term goal of green, profitable mining - for the long term.

    The complex, technical operation of the individual sites is outsourced to exceptional partners - all leading players in the field. This enables us in what we do best: strategic business development within the parameters of a decentralised financial economy.
  • One of the largest independent mining companies globally.
    Our growth pipeline.

    We are on track to operate more than 30,000 specialised computers, representing a computing capacity of more than 3,000 PH/s with further plans beyond this. This will make us one of the largest independent mining organisations with a clear goal: sustainable and profitable growth.
  • Cutting-edge technology.
    The operational lead.

    bitfield embraces technological advantages. Our approach to data centres is based on a proprietary POD design with a market-leading power usage efficiency ratio (PUE) of 1.03, tailor-made miner optimisation software and full flexibility to design specialised data centres, whether permanent or mobile, across multiple locations.


Embracing the blockchain revolution and empowering the infrastructure of the Bitcoin network.

  • bitfield-team-patrick.jpg
    Patrick Lowry
    Patrick is a crypto native. He is the CEO of Iconic Holding and CEO of Cryptology Asset Group. Previously, Patrick worked many years in private equity and venture capital and started his career in audit at PwC.
  • bitfield-team-maximilian.jpg
    Maximilian B. Martin
    Max is a crypto and technology enthusiast. Prior to joining Bitfield as CEO, he was a growth equity technology investor and started his career in technology investment banking at Morgan Stanley in London.
  • bitfield-team-robort.jpg
    CFO (acting)
    Robert Jelinek-Nacke
    Robert is an experienced finance executive. He joined Bitfield to be appointed as CFO, coming from his previous role as CFO of T-Mobile/Tele2 Netherlands. Before that, Robert held various leadership roles at Deutsche Telekom.


Help us make the infrastructure of the Bitcoin network sustainable.

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